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Travel has become an inseparable part of life be it for business, for studies or for pleasure.



Today, Travel Industry is one of the busiest sectors with a wide range of applications providing detailed services to millions of travelers.



Corporate travel is a noble concept that gave new dimensions to the industry itself. It is a method of providing complete travel solution packages after analyzing the total annual travel requirements of a company or corporate thereby reducing their annual travel expenditure. Afrah Travel Co. does it quite professionally with great expertise and much more.



Established in 2010, Afrah Travel Co. headed its way to the forefront of the travel industry by hard work, resolute commitment and, of course, by anticipated leaps into the future to tackle the latest technologies. In engaging the latest technologies, Afrah Travel Co. is at the pinnacle because of its online flight & hotel booking facility that can be accessed globally. It provides the client at home or office what he needs at a flip of his finger on the mouse. In an instant, the client gets his chosen schedules and books his entire requirements on a particular journey.



Our Mission


To provide an excellent and the fastest services available in the industry to both the individual and corporate customers globally.



Our Vision


To be at the forefront of the industry by providing value added, cost effective travel needs of the customers right from ticket reservations to all the post destination requirements such as cheap hotel booking, meals, transportation such as car rent, transfer or rail pass, cruises, activities, etc. at just a browse through our website.





Afrah Travel Co. has very reliable partners who hold sound dealings both locally as well as internationally.